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Long, long ago signature blocks in emails have been meant to state informations about their senders. At first their full names and their email addresses have been shown, later on phone numbers and even snail mail addresses have been added.

As already said, this is long ago. Nowadays email signatures have evolved into genuine works of art. There you meet

More than ever: Signatures supply informations about the sender of an email, not only about superficial matters, but also about attitudes, moods, feelings, ideologies, convictions, mentalities, ...

Since many years I had a hand in emails and usenet articles both for professional and for private reasons. In this way I've met many many interesting signatures. Some time ago I started to collect them in a database at my home computer. Meanwhile I decided to offer my collection to all web citizens who are also interested in the art of signatures.

Welcome to my Gallery of Signatures !

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Have you already found your own signature block in my gallery?
I know that not all of you are close friends of the frame technique in web pages. But I think in this special situation the frame technology is helpful for me to offer to you a tour of inspection through my gallery without asking you to visit every exhibit. Or technically spoken: The frame technology does not require a "serial access" of the exhibited signatures, but it rather allows a "random access" in my gallery. So please bear it.

Because of some worried inquiries I would like to stress the fact that my Gallery of Signatures is not intended to be an up-to-date directory of email addresses, phone numbers, professional positions or company memberships. If you visit the Louvre Museum in Paris and if you look there at Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" picture you also don't expect this to be an up-to-date picture of the smiling lady.

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